Who are we

TjailaBaby (pronounced Chi-la) is a proudly South African company, with Fatima Hansrod as owner and manufacturer.

TjailaBaby was started in 2014 by Marilie de Villiers a “retired” corporate accountant    after yet another baby bag just didn’t work.With extensive research and a trusted panel of girlfriends as soundboard and encouragement, Marilie designed and developed a functional, versatile and fun backpack.

After working together for a year as design & manufacturing team, Marilie gave her “baby” over to Fatima in 2017.

Tjaila is a South African expression for going home and widely associated with travelling, the prospect of free time and then homecoming. Fatima believes that babies are great treasures that fill your life with new and exciting adventures and possibilities.  If your TjailaBaby backpack gives you confidence and ease to travel with your little one, then our goal is achieved.

Our Mission

To create through practical, functional and fun design, a quality baby backpack that will create confidence and ease for parents to travel with little ones.

We want you to love your TjailaBaby backpack as much as we do!